PSR-7 Google reCAPCHA Middleware
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PSR-7 Google reCAPCHA Middleware

Software License
This middleware implement server side google reCAPCHA v2 validation.It was originally developed for Slimframework 3 but can be used with any framework using PSR-7 style middlewares. It is very simple and without any dependancy.


Install latest version using composer.

$ composer require sadegh-pm/recapcha


Add the middleware in the route that you rendering the reCAPTCHA widget. for example i inserted reCAPTCHA widget in the /login route:

  $app->post('/login', App\Api\Login::class . ':verify')
      ->add( new \SadeghPM\Recapcha\GoogleReCapcha($reCAPCHA_Secret) );

if google reCAPCHA verifying the user's response , your route will be resolved otherwise app will be terminate.the terminated response status code is 403 and body is a json: