Develope mobile apps so easy and native with GUI
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Anubias Desktop



Anubias is project help you to make your mobile apps so easy and native with GUI : )


Free Templates

Easy To Use

Compile Fast


The latest version is available for


  • 📱 Mobile Apps ( Develop your app for : Andriod , IOS )
  • 🖥️ Desktop Apps ( Develop your app for : Windows , Linux , MacOSX )
  • 🌐 Web applications ( Develop your web app )
  • 👉 GUI ( GUI drag and drop component )
  • 👨‍💻 xScript ( xScript code look like javascript )
  • 💯 Free ( Totally Free )

Linux Installation

Install form linux Snapcraft Store

  snap install anubias --classic

Report Some Bugs

Find a Bug? Please, create an issue and we'll fix it together for a better template.


Contribution are always welcome and recommended! Here is how:


Anubias-App GitHub Xstack 4xmen Devefun

Developing Languages

javascript vuejs webpack eslint electron-js


GPLv3 License




Developed With Love ! ❤️