The laravel form builder code generator
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The laravel form builder code generator

The generated form can be use in CREATE FORM and EDIT FORM together.

supported frameworks

  • Bootstrap 3.x, 4.x
  • Semantic UI all version
  • Materialize css all version

supported elements & etc.

  • row and columns
  • input (all type)
  • select (full auto generate )
  • textarea
  • submit
  • form divider
  • all form methods
  • move elements

How to use it

It's so easy, Let's go (O_x)

Online demo

Scrren shot

download project

git clone or download:

git clone

install dependencies:

in project folder: (command to change folder cd laravel-form-builder)

  npm install

how run it

open index.html

If you like it just star project to support us.


cheers the 4xmen team :-P